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Your FUNNIEST Anime Deaths (could get a bit dark here, don't say you weren't warned...)

Discussion in 'Review District' started by Walkurefan46, Aug 5, 2017.

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  1. Walkurefan46

    Walkurefan46 New Member

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    Well, as the old saying goes, "Find a bridge that's high enough, and EVERYone will want to jump off it"... We've all seen tons of death scenes in anime, ranging from the truly sad to the bewilderingly bizarre (how on earth do some of these characters NOT explode from the sheer internal pressure of 6+ gallons of blood?) So to counter the obvious sad deaths, we turn the spotlight on those deaths that just were either too bizarre or too hilarious to consider as sad. (Excel Saga doesn't count, as each episode kills off the main characters in new ways)

    My vote is instantly cast for any victim of Kenshiro's "Magic Death Finger" attack (Otherwise known as "ATATATATATATATATATATAAAAAA!!!!!"). In the series Hokuto no Ken, he uses a technique that's sort of like a 10000-fisted punch, striking every nerve bundle and pressure point AT ONCE. The immediate effect is that it gives the victim a grace period, in which to say something like, "HA! that might work on your other opponents, but it will never work on me!!" after which, Ken invariably replies "You are already dead."

    Then the victim's body contorts itself, and balloons outward in the uncomfortable areas, blowing his gut out like confetti and blowing his head off, the blood exploding skyward like the spray from a champagne bottle.

    LOL I can't take that seriously at all...

    And now it's your turn! So if you cry at weddings and laugh at funerals, tell us what death scene for you was the most confusing, or hilarious!