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Shinji Ikari - In reality, he'd never have made it to the end of Evangelion.

Discussion in 'Review District' started by Walkurefan46, Aug 5, 2017.

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  1. Walkurefan46

    Walkurefan46 New Member

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    We all know the story of Neon Genesis Evangelion, it's sort of a modern play on the Books of Revelation by St. John of Patmos in the New Testament section of the christian bible. But seriously, I have one issue about the series, specifically one character - Shinji Ikari, pilot of Eva-01.

    In the series, his dad (the obvious "mad scientist" type) brings him to Tokyo-3 because he's been saving the boy for just this moment. He's basically the worst father in the history of EVER, using his son like a pawn on a chessboard at every turn.

    In any normal 14-year old, this would result in the child's lashing back at his father, a rebellious streak marked by possible violent outbursts. In the case of Shinji, he's just a wimpy little ball of sobbing and angst all the way through the series. He's definitely not a heroic figure, and watching the series infuriates me, as no one in command of NERV seems to realize he's there unless of course, they're trying to get him to pilot his Eva.

    Everything else about the show and the other characters was BRILLIANT. I hated that Shinji actually lived long enough to see the literal end of the world, but in reality, he would have probably been killed LONG before that happened. His first battle with an "Angel" proved that yes, he had one hell of a mind link with his mech, but with no training and no time in simulation, he would have been toasted by that alien entity.

    The anime explains it away as the Eva protecting him, but just the force of the Angel's piledriver arm going through the mecha's braincase like that would have probably damaged Shinji either physically or mentally.

    Or in the case of reality, he would have been turned into a grease spot in the Eva's pilot seat.