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Senpai notice me plz ^o^

Discussion in 'Arrival Platform' started by FoxySeta, Jul 28, 2017.

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  1. FoxySeta

    FoxySeta Noob scripter and fudanshi

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    (I'm just posting something slightly edited from another forum)
    Hi there! I'm a noob, italian (please refrain from stereotypes and "How Italians..." meme), 15 y.o. scripter with insane passions for:
    • coding (just started, I've only studied C, Js, Pascal and not so well) (worked on rpg maker on pc & 3ds)
    • track and field (especially hurdles)
    • generic otaku stuff
    • and this:
  2. Mercy

    Mercy Sexy Little Pixie

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    Welcome to OC