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[Official] Fairy Tail Section: Rules and Guidelines

Discussion in 'Fiore Kingdom' started by Sin, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. Sin

    Sin Well-Known Member Founder

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    Welcome to the Fairy Tail section. ;33

    Please try the follow the following rules and guidelines.


    Spamming: Spam consists of posts that don't contribute anything to the topic at hand or are mere one-liners that halt the discussion instead of making it grow.

    Spoiling: Be considerate towards your fellow guild-mates that don't follow the manga; we have Fairy TV for all anime-only watchers, if you're going to post some major spoilers please use spoiler tags.
    Like this...!


    Respect: Don't be disrespectful towards other members; if you see a thread made that already exists simply press the report button, don't be aggressive or rude in the thread.

    Grammar: Now we don't expect everyone to have perfect grammar, but please at least try to make your posts readable and understandable.

    The rules and guidelines will be changed and modified as time goes on, and a moderator's word is final just because it wasn't in the rules doesn't mean that its not wrong; common sense and logic still apply.

    ~ Sin
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