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Dungeon & Dragons

Discussion in 'Gaming Room' started by GamersLegacy1056, Mar 20, 2017.

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  1. GamersLegacy1056

    GamersLegacy1056 Member

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    I know this forum is primarily Video Games, but how about TRPGs? With D&D re-gaining popularity through web-series like Critical Role, I wanna know what you guys think, and, if you've played, what are your favorite experiences are.
    Last year I got into D&D, I played a Tiefling Wizard named Naize, I was an edgy boy! One awesome moment that I had was the party was being attacked by a few manticores. I had thrown a few fireballs and the manticores, and they got annoyed. One decided to attack me and figured that because I was a wizard I would go down easy. After being brought down to a single digit number of HP, i used the Tiefling trait spell Hellish Rebuke and killed off the manticore. Unfortunately the that campaign didn't go much farther.
    Since then I learned a lot about D&D and took over DMing. I created a world myself instead of using one of the premade ones from WOTC. The party consists of a Dwarf Barbarian who lost his memory, a Human Wizard/Monk who has a prosthetic eye as an arcane focus, a Half-Elf Cleric of Pelor, a Halfing Ranger who hates gnomes and has a pet griffon, and a Rouge/Druid who has a edgy tragic backstory. One awesome moment was that the Wizard and the Rouge were following a druid on a rooftop. Hilariously they came to a courtyard where there were no more rooftops to jump to, so they tried to climb down. I had them make Acrobatic checks and they both failed. First the rouge fell 35ft and then the wizard fell on top of the rouge. Since the rouge never takes the wizard on tracking missions.

    What are your stories?
    I wanna know.