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A hello & a quick question!

Discussion in 'Arrival Platform' started by RR529, Nov 30, 2017.

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  1. RR529

    RR529 New Member

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    Hello everyone. To be honest the only reason I'm here is because I have a question about importing gravure idol posters from Japan (I'm in the US!), but for the life of me haven't had any luck even finding any that are a standalone purchase (they only ever seem to be paired as a bonus in some magazines, which I really have no interest in, since I can't read Japanese).

    I've been looking for answers on this for at least a year with no headway, so any help from anyone with exstensive importing experience would be much appreciated! For example, on Amazon Japan, while it's extremely easy to find Japanese calendars, whenever I search for posters, I only get western products, and no sort of filtering brings up Japanese posters (Not only that, but whenever I search for a specific model, I get everything from calendars, magazines, photo books, photo cards, and DVDs/Blu-Rays, but you guessed it, no posters!). Thanks in advance!