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Apr 1, 2015
Aug 18, 2012
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Dec 30, 1992 (Age: 24)

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Yomi of The Three Kings, 24, from Makai

Yomi was last seen:
Apr 1, 2015
    1. Mickey
      Yomi! Hi I'm Cheeks
      I hope you had a wonderful Birthday ^.^
    2. VICE
      Yo, want to hop in to my clan?
    3. Doskoi Panda
      Doskoi Panda
      thou/ada chi and Blue are pretty good graphic artists and shtuff
    4. Doskoi Panda
      Doskoi Panda
      Yomp. Mashima stated on his twitter that Jellal's Sema is basically the exact same spell as the Meteor Rain from RAVE.
    5. Jonas
      Hey Yomi it's been a while
    6. ✪Gintoki
      Oh right i see ... yeah work can be daunting and all and then come to hell (here) is another thing ... :BigGrin:
    7. ✪Gintoki
      I finally got recognized ... xD ... yeah im all good though ... nothing much just enjoying the weather and fasting .... aint seen much of you though in a long while
    8. ✪Gintoki
      It was "Riley Escobar" ... lool
    9. ✪Gintoki
      Hey there dude ... Long time no see or chat ... :BigGrin:
    10. Anthony
    11. Anthony
      u lame ;33
    12. Anthony
      Why aren't you in a clan? :hm:
    13. Anthony
      I can understand why you would want to defend your hero but unfortunately his style and gameplan didn't work too well on Weidman. Silva mentally broke other fighters however he couldn't mentally break Weidman. When the rematch happens I bet Weidman will win a 2nd time.
    14. Anthony
      Drop the conspiracies lol. Go look at the post fight interviews. Go look at anderson's manager interview with ariel helwani on the mma hour. The fact is this fight Anderson hasn't done one single thing differently from all his usual fights. If you don't know that you can't call yourself a Silva fan. You should know by now this is exactly how he fights. He's done nothing out of the ordinary that we haven't seem him done in the past. Unfortunately it didn't work out too well for him. Weidman is levels above Maia,Bonnar,Griffin+ many others he's done this to. Silva does not fight to lose. I don't wanna discuss this any further as I know the truth and many others as well. I don't want to go into conspiracies with you as I believe that's not the case. Your foolish to think otherwise. Silva's gameplan didn't work this time. Weidman didn't mentally break and kept pushing the pace till he got the KO. Accept the reality bro. And yes he will indeed rematch. A competitor of this level. Dana knowing him personally and his manager as well. Once the loss has eventually sinked in Anderson will want his belt back. And the rematch will be even more competitive than the first match. Weidman is the new breed.
    15. Anthony
      There's no conspiracy here lol. Sigh I expected Silva nuthuggers to make excuses like this. It's unfortunate Silva lost. His usual style didn't help this time around. Weidman didn't mentally break and kept pushing the pace and eventually got the knockout.
    16. Anthony
      My god your crazy. This fight is far from fixed. Look how he went down. I've watched the fight several times already. Silva had done nothing wrong. This is his usual style. He always tries to bait his opponent into making a mistake and capitalize on it. This time it didn't work out too well for him. Silva trained 4 months for the fight he said it in his post fight interview no way would he train to lose wtf?.. Look back to the damian maia fight. He "played" around for 3 rounds. It just didn't work this time because he underestimated weidman's power. Silva is likely going to rematch weidman and the 2nd fight will be huge. I believe Weidman is just a bad matchup for him and he's only getting better. Everytime Weidman fights he gets better. He's similar to Jones in how he gets better every time he fights.

      This is nothing new. Many media members and a lot of the fighters chose Weidman to beat Silva.

      Also if you go back and look at the fight regardless of Silva doing his usual bobbing and weaving Weidman was able to dodge a lot of Silva's counterpunches as well. Weidman 1st round dominated him on the ground and had he not play aggressive and go for the submission (leglock) Silva probably wouldn't have even got up the first round. Then a minute into the 2nd round he got clipped. It's as simple as that.
    17. Yomi
      Still he played around way too much. On top of that he leaned into the hook. I think it was fixed. Considering Silva's not going to rematch for the title and will likely retire after his 10 fights are done. It's the perfect time to make Weidman the new face of the middleweight division while he's undefeated.
    18. Anthony
      He simply got caught. He always tries to put his opponent down. It was time it caught up with him. Curious about the rematch though. He disrespected Weidmans standup too much and he paid the price for it ;33
    19. Anthony
    20. Anthony
      Anderson doing his usual bobbing and weaving and he got caught ;33
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    Dec 30, 1992 (Age: 24)
    Favorite Manga/Anime:
    Yu Yu Hakusho
    I'm a great football player and an awesome person

    Football, Video Games and Manga