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Dec 5, 2017 at 2:54 AM
Mar 11, 2012
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Apr 13, 1902 (Age: 115)
Amongst the stars
Official Strawhat

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Focus, 115, from Amongst the stars

Varixus was last seen:
Dec 5, 2017 at 2:54 AM
    1. Lavi
      Haha whatever floats your boat.
      Medicham is definitely in my top 5 Pokes.
      Especially Mega Medicham.
    2. Lavi
      Same. I fluttered away from here for a while then went to OJ but came back here anyway.
      It feels more like home. Glad to see you back though!
      And with a Medicham set <3
    3. Lavi
      Oh yes I remember you now. Damn it has been a long time.
      I actually had you on skype but I removed you the other day since I hadn't seen you on in ages D;
    4. Lavi
      You sly devil you~

      It seems we've spoken much before but I don't remember your name ._.
    5. Lavi
      how does one pronounce your name ._.
    6. Ex
      Hi I wanted to bring your attention to the One Piece Fan Club. There are still a few more popular crews that you should consider adding to the existing ones; They are mostly crews of Supernovas i.e
      Kidd Pirates / Heart Pirates / Hawkins Pirates / On Air Pirates

      Also the is no such thing as the Jolly Rodger Pirates. They are known as the Rodger Pirates. Why is Enel classified as a legendary pirate?
    7. Drakariach

      Well, in comparison with LSD, shrooms is less visual... More psychological.
      But don't take too much, bad trips aren't cool at all.
      For your first time with mush, don't take more than 1g... Or maybe 1.5g... But nan, 1g is the best number for the first time :)

      Ah, it's understandable that he doesn't like to see you smoke weed... lol
      Well, so be it, just don't get caught!! :D

      PS: Don't try DMT... Not cool at all honestly... And if you try, be SURE to be with someone 100% lucid (not even 1 beer) to watch on you. Because you may be... Hard to handle. lol
    8. Drakariach
      :P Ya man, "my third eye seen it comin', before it happened."
      lol my presentation link is so nostalgic <3

      But wtf your older brother... Who is he... You can do what the fuck you want XD
      Did he have bad experiences with weed? Or does he simply listen too much to old peeps?
      hm, LSD? lol have you ever tried shrooms? I like it so much <3
      Otherwise, if you ever find N-BOMe (AKA N-Bomb) (though you won't find it like that, it's rare (my friend is the only one who has it in my city)), try it! It's not at all stronger than LSD, but it feels different. Like, when you close your eyes, you see fractals. + When you take it, you are SUPER lucid, you could go at school on N-BOMe, and no one would know it. Apart of you, who'd be tripping like MOTHERFUCKING ...!! (was looking for a strong word, but nothing came..... :/
    9. Drakariach
      Haha, told ya pal, when you said that, I wrote "Ash - Otaku Central" in a notepad, and here, 1/2 years later, fell on it by chance on my computer...
      Then decided to see how you turned hahaha :P

      What thread? My intro thread :P
      Linked it in my previous message x)
    10. Drakariach
      Weed is fucking nasty. I won't judge though. A big ass intro is always welcomed here.
      Welcome to OC.
      Still thinking the same shit as you did when you discussed with me on my thread, youngsta?
      Cuz by the looks of your signature and avatar, and by your conversation subjects (Newschool rap ), you seem to have changed...

      PS: You didn't come to me as I told you (page 4 of my thread).

      Ciao :)
    11. Doskoi Panda
    12. Doskoi Panda
      Doskoi Panda
      Oh, yeah, I've listened to a few of their songs. Mostly just Joey and Steez, though.
    13. Doskoi Panda
      Doskoi Panda
      Nah, don't think I've heard of him.
    14. Marionette
    15. Tsubaki
    16. Marionette
      Oh good. I was wor...wait a second. D:<
    17. Marionette
      It doesnt make my butt look big, right? D:
    18. ✪Gintoki
      Hey no problem ... = )
    19. ✪Gintoki
      Hey there thanks for accepting my FR ... = )
    20. Shushu
      Found my game, I can trade you now

      I'm interested in the beedrill, throw me a fodder for the other one.
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    Apr 13, 1902 (Age: 115)
    Amongst the stars
    Official Strawhat
    Favorite Manga/Anime:
    One Piece
    I love drawing and I hope to one day have my own comic, or cartoon. I'd rather have a comic book though because I love to write and draw.

    Looking at panties & drinking tea




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