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Apr 10, 2014
Feb 25, 2014
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Vanity was last seen:
Apr 10, 2014
    1. Mercy

      hope everything is well with you.
    2. Sutātenken
      I created a Permission Group you may be Interested in Its called the Ecchi/Fan Service FC would you like to Join?
    3. Madonna
      Hi, Vanity. Sorry for the delay in replying your message. How was the job casting?
    4. I Killed Everyone
      I Killed Everyone
      Waiting is tough. How do you cope?
    5. I Killed Everyone
      I Killed Everyone
      Yo yo yo! How is you today?
    6. Ombra
      Ah, well they aren't the easiest to come by, but at least you've got some work on the way. Good to have mates willing to help you out as well :)
    7. Ombra
      Haha, ah it's all good.

      Good to hear you're alive :D I think it's been a couple of years since I last saw you. How've you been?
    8. I Killed Everyone
      I Killed Everyone
      I am still waiting for this new internet connection to arrive.
      Only did half the job, but the contracters looked suss to begin with lol.

      Slow net is a pain in the arse. A tight pain. : (
    9. I Killed Everyone
      I Killed Everyone
      Well I would purchase for a game if it was good enough. :s
    10. Ombra
      don't laugh ~_~ I haven't seen you in a while, so I was a little slow to realise :I
    11. I Killed Everyone
      I Killed Everyone
      Real money used in a video game never sat well with me.
      I'd prefer to pay for that, then pay to date someone lol

      Everything is about money these days... So pathetically standardized!
    12. I Killed Everyone
      I Killed Everyone
      Girls are the best! Boys are not so much... xD lol
      Well I have to date them, so I might as well stick up for them in some form or another.

      Sounds fun and lively. RPG's really never get old!
      But all the characters in them all look the same. : ( Sad day it is!
    13. I Killed Everyone
      I Killed Everyone
      Ah it sounds so much more complicated than your usual RPG? : (
      But where is the fun in every game being the same right.

      A game I really liked was fable. But it was way too short fable 2.
      i haven't played the third one, but having your own offspring was bloody cool as!

      I disliked having boys and always liked girls for kids lmao!
      Strict birth control there. lol
    14. I Killed Everyone
      I Killed Everyone
      Uggggh I hate that! Just because it's lacking in certain ways, doesn't make it a bad game!
      It's just a game that is unique in its appeal.

      I love Diablo! Omg it's so frickin' boss!
    15. I Killed Everyone
      I Killed Everyone
      I've never played that in my life, but I have good things through the grapevine about it.
      I am about to do a course to investment in some kind of stable job for myself.

      I can't just rely on the arts as a steady source of income unfortunately xD
    16. I Killed Everyone
      I Killed Everyone
      Ah! Things are on the up and up for you right now!
      This is some most delightful news indeed, I am happy for you!

      It's tough to get any sort of work today, really tough!
      So consider yourself blessed in that regard!

      Besides that, what else is new with you?
    17. I Killed Everyone
      I Killed Everyone
      Yo! What's going on dude!

      How are things in your world, for better or worse?
    18. saika
      that's great <:
      i'm keeping my fingers crossed for youuu! :*
    19. saika
      i'm so happy for you :-)
    20. saika
      i'm doing pretty okey :D
      well, teapot when full of tea.. never complains :D
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