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Jun 18, 2014
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    1. Doskoi Panda
      Doskoi Panda
      Totes not weird. But there should be a few already in the member pic thread
    2. Doskoi Panda
      Doskoi Panda
      Haha, she probably has. Uhm, I think she still watches Naruto a little, or at least keeps up with it. Comes up to me every once in a while saying Sakura's cool again..
    3. Doskoi Panda
      Doskoi Panda
      They track by ip

      Incident? Don't remember anything like that. She's just not that interested in the place anymore, I guess.
    4. Doskoi Panda
      Doskoi Panda
      Ah, ok. It's definitely worth the read.

      Cuz one person having more than one account isn't allowed here. Could get banned and shtuff
    5. Doskoi Panda
      Doskoi Panda
      Haha, I honestly did the same at first. Weird thing is, the art was only like that for the first few pages.

      Insanely good. Best I've read in a while. Personally like it a lot more than HxH and AoT.

      Ask to get it changed here: http://otakucentral.org/showthread.php?t=34
    6. Doskoi Panda
      Doskoi Panda
      To add an avatar you go through your User CP > My Profile > Edit Avatar > Then add whatever image you'd like to use.

      If you're talking about posting an image like this: [​IMG]
    7. Doskoi Panda
    8. Doskoi Panda
      Doskoi Panda
      That insane memory, as always.

      I don't know where exactly the Hunter anime is at right now, but from where I last left off the Chimera Ant arc was almost over. The manga and anime shouldn't be too far apart.


      Lol, it does seem like he has to an extent. This last chapter was pretty good, though.

      Cool. Would be nice to have you around and shtuff. Spark up some interesting debates.

      Just making sure, but you know you don't have to make a new account to change your name, right?


      have you tried out Kingdom?
    9. Kari
      The other shows that I gave 10/10 are Beelzebub, Clannad, Death Note, Fairy Tail, Golden Time, Kanon 2006, Nagi no Asukara, Oreimo, Sword Art Online, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

      For Shounen I recommend FMA Brotherhood, Attack on Titan, Kuroko no Basket, Bakuman, Durarara, Gin no Saji, Zetsuen no Tempest, School Rumble, Soul Eater, Hataraku Maou sama.

      While other shows I recommend are Shiki, Ghost Hunt, Higurashi, The Monogatari Series, Angel Beats, Shakugan no Shana, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Welcome to the N.H.K, Psycho Pass, Toradora!
    10. Kari
      I gave the anime 10/10 and only a handful of shows ever gets that score from me. I also brought all the volumes of the manga while in Tokyo but I haven't started reading it yet.

      What kind of stuff are you into? And what shows have you watched already?
    11. Neldanair
      For some reason I can't open the link, but I'm guessing it's the gif from my sig, and it's Jibril from No Game No Life :3
    12. Kari
      Oh you're talking about my set.
      Its from a show called Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
    13. Kari
      That's the post your picture thread..
    14. Kari
      Sorry but the link doesn't work for me. Can you save the image and send it to me again in a thumbnail.
    15. Sin
      Persona 3 The Movie
    16. Kyle
      Air Gear
    17. Doskoi Panda
      Doskoi Panda
      Eh, "M;G is a poor man's OC". Truer words never spoken. Just wish you could've seen this place in it's prime. Best discussions here nowadays don't even pertain to manga. If you're looking for an intellectual debate or conversation I'd recommend the 'Debate Room' in the lounge, or the 'Battle Ring' where you can talk about potential outcomes of fights between characters of the same or even different verse and shtuff... Or various other things..

      When'd you get into HxH, btw? Have you caught back up to Naruto yet, or just have a general idea of whats going on through seeing talk about it?
    18. Doskoi Panda
      Doskoi Panda
      Haha, yup. Definitely are. What made you join here all of a sudden?
    19. Doskoi Panda
      Doskoi Panda
      Welcome to OC and shtuff. Are you Uchiha from mangaspoiler?
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