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Feb 24, 2012
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:tomasulk: Dec 13, 2017 at 12:01 PM

    1. Uchiha
    2. Bambi
    3. Shane
      It's verbal Judo bro, basically you just need to mind fuck the person into thinking

      1. You are right in everyway
      2. They hate you and want you to stop calling so they pay
      3. They hate you pulled fbi like shit and found there relatives to talk to instead of them

      Then you get the random people that actually just want to pay shit, your like pay.... then they just throw money in your face. PReTTy nice.

      So just to give you the heads up on the money you could be making, + Salary. Salary is anywhere between $1800 a month to $2200.. let's just say 21,600 base pay. Now add on commission I have at any one point in time, $500,000 dollars in my account, I collect right now. 12,000 a period (15) days. I'm brand new, been with this job almost two months... I know people that make over $150,000 a year doing this shit. Most people that stick with this job a year, 60,000 the first, 100,000+ the second.

      Yes ownage.
    4. Shane
      dude if you are coming not to go to college, then you NEED to get a job in collections. This is real talk, it's the only job that is sustainable right now without a degree and even if you have one it pays better then most jobs out of wallstreet or owning your own business. Slumming it in america is shit bro, trust me.

      fuk yui bic boi!
    5. Shane
      Bro, I get it. You like my ass but stop calling it names... my pig benis gets upset.

      Penny Dreadful is pretty dope right now, I'm into that and a few other things. For some reason I like the Originals and the 100 on the CW... no idea why.

      THE STATES! Bro come to Texas, you can work for *** and make good money without a single college degree. Bill collection dawg. You also get to see if I'm a big black gangster or some small azn dood with a chode.
    6. Shane
      forum herpes is a fairly perfect description of what is going on over there. [pft]

      Bored? I remember that feeling, now I'm just exhausted a bunch. Also the only thing I bring to the mix nowadays is... uh.. shit? I mean I watch a few anime here and there like No Game No Life or whatever the shit that thing is called, and I read Gamer the webtoon, that shit is cool.
    7. Shane
      Busy, went over to OJ for like... a week... that shit was lame, quit the internet. Now I might be back? Idk... Also don't talk about my ass so soon bro, it tickles my genitals. What did you want me summoned for butt pirate?
    8. Shane
      Cooldown time bro, no insta respawns up in this shit.

      Your commands?
    9. Kafka
      Man, I have never watched Dresden files. I have never sat down and watched any series seriously. Only exception was Breaking Bad. But then again many people liked it. lol
    10. Kafka
      I just finished watching the trailer for Constantine. It feels like a British version of SPN. lol

      Even though Keanu Reeves was wooden in his version of Constantine, I still liked that movie. Though, I hear a lot of people didn't like that movie.
    11. Kafka
      You're Dean? I am not surprised. I know you're a lady killer, Sin. Plus, we saw you kill Marshmallow yesterday with an off handed compliment. lol.

      I dont know why but I could never bring myself to watch Doctor Who. I might check Constantine out since it involves demons and stuff.
    12. Kafka
      Hahah. I like the way you described SPN's protagonists. One banged an angel bitch and the other banged a demon bitch. I want to watch this.


      Also, what do you know? I watched this today. Indeed this channel is funny.

    13. Kafka
      I dont know what else to watch besides anime. :D: I try reading manga butI get bored after one chapter. I have been looking at games to play on Steam and I will probably download some.

      So what are you up to these days?
    14. Kafka
    15. Bob
      Ha. Funny. Such a funneh guy Sinny.
    16. Bob
      Shake your moneymaker...

      Wait, what?
    17. Bob
      ... Such butt.
    18. Bob
      You know what I mean...
    19. Bob
      Why you so butt?
    20. Xen
      Would you like to guest star in our next Podcast? (First edition to be released soon)
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