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Jan 25, 2016
Mar 4, 2012
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Well-Known Member, from over clouds or on the surface of water where you c

San was last seen:
Jan 25, 2016
    1. Leeroy Jenkins
      Leeroy Jenkins
      Hey, how's it going?
    2. Kafka
      SAN! How are you? happy new year! I have to know if your little devil is out. He or she? :33
    3. Nirvana
      To be honest, it was a bit disappointing for a trilogy finale :/

      Aye, I'm sure she's hard to deal with, must take after her mother.
    4. Nirvana
      I've been good as well. Returning to London on the 10th.
      Saw Into the Woods, was horrible, not a good way to start my movie experience of 2015.

      So, is the little devil out yet?
    5. Nirvana
      Hai San.
      Happy New Year!

      How have you been?
    6. Kafka
      Istanbul is so pretty from above. Very very pretty. The whole city was lit up. But the international airport is a complete disaster. Its huge and one has to walk around a lot to find their way to the next terminal.

      Also, it doesnt help that the people working at the airport are rude. I wanted to punch a man so badly. I was asking him about my flight since it wasnt showing up on the screen. And he told me "Dont ask me. We have the screen. Find out from there".

      But besides this, I think I would love to visit Istanbul and spend a week there. :) If I do so, you will be my guide!
    7. Nirvana
      Don't slap me or I will tell your devilspawn all about your shenanigans.
    8. Nirvana
      meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... I'm good. Prepping for finals.
      How are you?
    9. Kiriel
      always o-o
    10. dada chi
      dada chi
      that's the kind of parenting I would want to do too lol
    11. Kafka
      They are still fingers. xD Not a part of your tummy. Hahaha, San.
    12. dada chi
      dada chi
      awww yisss a little baby san
      hope its a healthy lil nigger.. or niggerette
    13. Kafka
      Elephant?! D: Are you joking? You look so....fabulous and you are glowing. :kawaii:

      Thank you for this. :) I showed it to Saika and she was like "you will be an amazing mom".
    14. dada chi
      dada chi
      oh lmao why was I under the impression that you were
      what's new then you got married didnt you :whip:

      is he a terrorist like us too?
    15. dada chi
      dada chi
      yo san-san
      I'm pretty good, I moved form Syria to Saudi Arabia to Canada lol
      I've been in Canada now for about 4 months.

      What's up with you? is it true you were actually in jail?
    16. Sin
    17. Kafka
      I woke up feeling a bit grumpy, but now I am feeling fine. Actually good. :)

      One bar of chocolate is good enough. As long as the chocolate gods dont forsake you, I am all fine with that. xD
    18. Kafka
      Ohh, there is still a month for the kicking to begin. xD
      Anime ranked above 8. Not bad at all. We will make an account for her on this site ;)
      I thought you could eat a lot of chocolate. And now you say you're allergic. What travesty is this D:
    19. Kafka
      Updates please. :33

      1. How is the baby girl? Is she kicking you, troubling you? xD
      2. How many movies and ads have you cried on..recently? hah
      3. Have you made a list of anime and manga your girl will read when she grows up?
      4. Are you eating enough chocolate?
    20. Sin
      hey hey long time no see
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