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Jun 8, 2013
May 25, 2012
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Pyrofrost was last seen:
Jun 8, 2013
    1. Twelve

      Oi! Skypu hates me, so I hardly seen you lately at all.

      I don't even know where to VM you anymore

      You good?
    2. Koon Aguero Agnis
      Koon Aguero Agnis
      A Karin set eh?

    3. Arcturus
      So you took Karin in the end. xD Nice choice~
    4. dada chi
    5. dada chi
      dada chi
    6. Marionette
      3rd time's a charm? XD
    7. Marionette
      Could've sworn we were already friends. lol
    8. Arc
      Where are you from btw?
    9. Arc
      I totally understand, and I'm sorry you felt that way when it wasn't my intention at all.
    10. Arc
      No like, Sin showed me what you said, I felt sorta responsible for you leaving. So just wanted to ask you to stay... You're a good member and I enjoy having you around.
    11. Arc
      D: FTR

      I didn't hold what you said against you know, I understood where you were coming from.
    12. Stardust Dragon
      Stardust Dragon
      FfVIII was my first so it holds a special place in my heart, I've beaten it 3 times xD
      But IMO the gameplay of it is kind of broken, the junction system takes the satisfaction out of being strong, it also makes anything but a super attacking character pointless,I would like to see a modified version of it 1 day perhaps D;

      As for me I would rate them V ( I really enjoy it so far ) > VII > X > VIII > I > XIII

      And yeah I was asking but you said you enjoyed it, I guess I can try it again once I beat V xD

      And yes she is, Her Blum can't come out soon enough for me Dx
    13. 4foot
      koo.. though, i wouldn't want to be a teacher..

      i chose it cause of its flexibility.. that is the only reason..
    14. Stardust Dragon
      Stardust Dragon
      That urge is exactly why I got all the old FF games ( well there was a sale as well ) and sure thing, I had no intention of getting much for awhile so I'll take your word and hold out for Xillia since I've heard various good things about tales in the past xD

      Oh and since you played 2 do you think I should play it, is the system really that bad?

      Oh and spring anime, I'm looking forward to leviathan besides that nothing has caught my interest, it's a hard task indeed to make me want to look into something xP

      Oh and new video from Ayacchi!

    15. 4foot
      i am curious as to why you chose to study that....

      just business.. i am getting my AA in business: management
    16. Stardust Dragon
      Stardust Dragon
      Oh I really like FF5 so far, I've only beaten 1,7,8 and 13 but I'm really enjoying it, the job system really does let you customize however you like, I honestly don't see why the localization staff felt it was I difficult ( though I'm still early on so maybe the difficulty curve hasn't kicked in ) also the plot was a bit too convenient at the very beginning, but I like it, it's kind of like a more fleshed out version of FF1 where you have to protect the crystals. Btw you played FF2 right, I have it but I skipped it cause I heard bad things about the leveling system

      As for Senran Kagura the anime I enjoy it, I feel like they could have told us important background information about the characters in better ways ( you learn terrible things about the girls past trough a simple voice over usually ) but besides that annoyance it's the anime that's kept me the most interested this season

      Probably because of the Seiyuu and the fanservice :33

      I've never really played either of those series but I hope you can pick 1 and have tons of fun with it! Oh and I'm glad you liked Ayana Taketatsu's video :3
    17. Stardust Dragon
      Stardust Dragon
    18. Stardust Dragon
      Stardust Dragon
      Been playing Final Fantasy 5 and watching Senran Kagura all day also I had what appears to have been the flu but my condition has vastly Improved ( though it still sucks )

      so all in all,I would say pretty awesome!

      How about you Pyro?:glomp:
    19. Kari
      Well feel free to post them whenever you want :brofist
    20. Kari

      Yuri seduction
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