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Jan 6, 2015
Oct 21, 2014
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New Member

Noroi was last seen:
Jan 6, 2015
    1. Gintoki
      Happy new year, love <3
    2. I Killed Everyone
      I Killed Everyone
      Happy 2015 babe!
    3. Mephistopheles
      No am not, just got busy. Who are you again? :33
    4. halfMOONster
      Cause my phone doesn't have internet connection ;)
    5. Gintoki
      Then prove to me that you are the real Cheesu :LOS W-what? You w-want to g-give me a head?!?! :spank:
      Even Yuno Gasai; the said Yandere Queen, doesn't want her Yukki to die. Aren't you too full of yourself? :pft:
      You're just playing innocent, not actually innocent c: Then you can give me the link to the trailer or something, baka XD
      That's good, I actually have cheese beneath the skin :durr: Why? That's an education for you. Or perhaps you've known about it before, lil' girl? :maybe:
    6. Ombra
      Shadow, or something along those lines c:
    7. I Killed Everyone
      I Killed Everyone
      The name thing you said. And thanks!
    8. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      I have internet, but I already have FT downloaded so it'll be a waste if I stream it, right?

      Oh I'm not worried.. Some friends invited me to their home for the turkey.. xD
    9. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      Yeah the married one.. I didn't bring FT here, so I haven't really watch it recently.. :sniff:

      Though I don't celebrate, but thank you anyway! =D same to you
    10. Xen
      Yours is better XD
    11. Xen
      I feel so bad with my horrid MS Paint made tag that you got ><
    12. Ombra
      It's a name given to me by my Grandmother from the old days, and by old days I mean way back when I was 1. I was a quiet baby, so if I wasn't terrifying my family by shadowing them, I'd disappear to find a blanket to sleep under. I guess I was lucky never to be knocked over, but I'm sure they were happy to have a quiet child for once :D
    13. Ombra
      :c I'm not a fan of that one, I agreed to Cilly. Have mercy! <3
    14. Ombra
      That was my first choice, but I thought it would be too obviously...cilly :doushio:

      Cilly it is then...You will be missed, Cecil u_u
    15. Ombra
      Celecette is too long and I have no idea how to say it :3

      Ah well, you're silly :wahaha:
    16. Ombra
      remembered your pw, Cecil? :doushio:
    17. Gintoki
      Or perhaps you're just Cheesu wanna be :ulq:
      If anyone, it's you. You said you love me yet you want me to die. your love for me is questionable now :challengeconsider:
      That's your fault for having such an irresistible charm <3 <3 But you were seducing me just now, and you're proud of it :Sanji: You were excited for a second and then you let me down by telling me to google it myself. I am disappointed by your loyalty towards your master. Google it for me!! :fght:
      Hmm then was it Me-fetish that you're having? :maybe: No, I don't have curly eyebrows. I'm only curly down there :hisokahorny:
    18. Ombra
      :wahaha: You are too kind, sir~ :eek:hmy:
    19. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      B-but I already start watching FT.. :twitch:

      Ahh so you're already free.. Some people has another few days of work before vacation really starts.. Me? Not much to do.. Same old, same old. Only been hanging around at my sister's place recently.
    20. I Killed Everyone
      I Killed Everyone
      Why the odd question?
      I was playing a game sorry.

      second one.
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    Favorite Manga/Anime:
    Tokyo Ghoul, TGOHS, HxH, About Death, Death Note, Log Horizon, Nanatsu no Taizai etc etc
    Erion sucks


    by my lovely slave aka armuu
    from SS tyvm <3