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Naruto Khan
Last Activity:
Sep 3, 2015
Sep 10, 2014
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Naruto Khan

Member, from Pakistan

Naruto Khan was last seen:
Sep 3, 2015
    1. Koon Aguero Agnis
      Koon Aguero Agnis
      10-0 ki tayyari ho gayi? xD :D
    2. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      Rehan-kun! :33 I'm doing fine, as always.

      S3 is cuute lel, yea should be getting that. It isn't really crappy since yeah, the game runs well on it. But of you google it, Lenovo is like cheapest Android phone you could find here in Malaysia that has high spec just like other expensive Android.. xD

      But still, I love it though I called it crappy.
    3. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      I'm using this crappy phone called Lenovo (powered by Android). Though it's cheap, it made all the games I've installed on it run smoothly.. I think having RAM of 1gb made games better. "I think"
    4. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      Hi, Rehan.

      Well, I've few friends too. But my phone are important 'cause I don't use it for friends, but instead I use it for family and/or watch anime on it now.. like most of the anime I haven't watch is kept in my phone so I can watch it anytime.

      I used Bold 2 and Curve 2 (I think), both were used separately.
    5. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      I'll be sure to teach you in anyway I can if you do interested in playing it. :33

      Whaaaaa. That's really nice of you.. Haha, I still remember those times when I used a blackberry.. I literally been doing everything on it, music, facebook, twitter, videos, amd sometimes diary.. xDD
    6. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      Yea.. you might need my help when you're leveling yourself too.. :33

      Oh my. Buying another phone?
    7. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      Hahaa, that's okay.. well I only play mobile games so I can understand you easily.

      Well sure you can join, of course.. ehh no no.. I just started like almost 3 weeks ago and I'm far from being an expert.. seriously.
    8. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      My gaming? You mean the Tekken 6 one? Nope, uninstalled.

      Right now I'm playing a game called Summoners War (its for Android, iOS) and I've been playing that like crazy recently.. xDD and it can only be play when you've internet on your phone.
    9. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      I can pretty much understand.. You love going to that kinda shop too, right? Even though it was with your mother.. 'Cause Libra loves art no matter how small it is.. ^^
    10. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      I see.. to the furniture shop or something?
    11. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      Konbanwa, Rehan-kun. :33

      Yep, I'm doing great over here.. Nothing to be worry 'bout. How's you?
    12. dada chi
      dada chi
      thanks man, I appreciate that
    13. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      Sure sure, no problem, 'kay? :33
    14. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      Me learning Chinese was the only choice we had since the only school in the place where I used to live is a Chinese school, so mom and dad was like "Sure, why not? They can even learn a new language and their culture as well." And so we did.

      Ya I heard 'bout Rurouni Kenshin new movie but haven't watch it yet.. So is this song at the end of the movie? If so, the I'll have to watch so I can like the song too, right?

      I will.. =) since you ask me to.
    15. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      We balance shit outta life even when we're a trainwreck ourselves.. so yeah, #ProudLibra

      Just the main 4, yeah.. and yes, it's very hard. I learned it ever since kindergarten so I'll know it whether I want to or not.. it got me in a whole new level especially during work, when I met some guests who were pure Chinese and dunno English.. =D
    16. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      Haha, right. The real me never log off early, :kaguha:

      Um. Well Ruby, Akira, and I went to Chinese school when were kids.. but now, only me and Ruby who can write and speaks Chinese fluently 'cause Akira quits when she was like 9 years old. So yeah, I can. Thanks!
    17. Karbon
    18. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      I'm not sure.. maybe 'cause I haven't fell sick for quite a long time, and this happened. But I'm becoming more okay now, thanks to all my 'gone-to-bed-early' nights.. :lol1:

      I would never scold you, 'kay? The worst will only be intensely correcting you, yeah, depending on how stubborn I was at any moment. But then again, we're both Libra. We could get stubborn as hell Dx
    19. Kafka
      I moved them. Many threads are news related so they are in the new subsection called "news". Debate threads discussing serious topics are in the Debates section now.
    20. Yasha Xaraniey
      Yasha Xaraniey
      Hey.. I fell sick, that's why I've been quiet these days.. ;33 but nothing to worry aboit, just a normal fever.

      About the Grocery List, when you saw someone posted "Toothbrush" you need to think of something that starts with "U" and the next person is foing to post "V" and so on. Clear now?
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    Favorite Manga/Anime:
    Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya.
    Just another average guy...

    Anime, Manga, Poetry, Games.


    "Let the Rain fall.....and I shall fall with it"