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luffy uzumaki
Last Activity:
May 5, 2013
Sep 11, 2012
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New Delhi , India
College Student

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luffy uzumaki

New Member, from New Delhi , India

luffy uzumaki was last seen:
May 5, 2013
    1. SwagAssassin
      I am waiting...one more day!

      Holy shit! Finally a fucking epic chapter! :D Daaaaaaaaamn! With Lucy...Rogue came as well? Sooo this future Rogue is gonna prolly tell them the mistakes they are gonna make by eclipse? Man it just looks epic! Tell me what you got from this chapter...
    2. SwagAssassin
      We will decide whats on line after...it depends on who wins...if I win then there is something or else...nothing :D :BigGrin:
    3. SwagAssassin
      Hahahaha its on then! :D
    4. SwagAssassin
      Umm you tell me whats on the line...
    5. SwagAssassin
      Fuuuuuuuuuck! No chapter this weeks :( Oda caught a flu from a live show :( I hope he gets well soon and this hiatus doesn't last long :P
      Anyways, lets make a bet...I bet Luffy wont meet Law next episode...and you bet he will :D
    6. SwagAssassin
      Well it was 2 days for me cuz it wasn't AM yet...its just the timing difference -_- But yea I am waiting for it right now...but still no manga :(

      I guess they will meet next episode but I have a feeling they will drag Law vs Smoker so thats why I said 2 more episodes :P
    7. SwagAssassin
      I dont think Luffy meets Law that quick...they are prolly gonna meet in like 2 more episodes :D

      Also why talk about episode? 2 days till new manga comes out!! :D
    8. SwagAssassin
      Yeaa but thats NEXT...it should have happened last episode :(
    9. SwagAssassin
      Oh cinema 4d? Same shit -_- LOL
      Ikr! They are dragging the episode too much and its been like 2-3 episodes and still no Law vs Smoker :/
    10. SwagAssassin
      LOL Thanks for the positivism :)
      But naww not painting...lets go with just drawing :D
      And you are fucking amazing at Photoshop!
    11. SwagAssassin
      Hahaha so you read jiji panda's little poem? I made one too but its nothing compared to his :(
    12. SwagAssassin
      LOL we have never been so excited to see an 'old guy' other than the time we saw Rayleigh...Rayleigh is the boss :D
      Same here...cant wait for next week's chapter...
    13. SwagAssassin
      IMO the guy is really strong cuz in Mangastream translation Luffy was like...Oh old man...you look really strong! Luffy's haki is sooo sickk now :D
      But the hole he created is pretty big and I think that was like his basic move to take out weaklings like Luffy woulda jet pistoled them...sooo yea he is strong...
    14. SwagAssassin
      Hahaha i know how you feel...damn oda!

      Ohhh I got a new theory! What if he as an exiled Wanokuni and then the marines took him as an admiral cuz of his strength :D That explains why he was not present at the War of the Best :D How does this theory sound to you?
    15. SwagAssassin
      I want Sabo to be alive and yea either a revolutionary or a schihi...
      Oda showed us Bonney to let us know that she wasn't killed by the marines...and bring up more questions like why didn't Akainu kill her?
      Now that I think about it...that old guy is Kinemon's friend...he is a samurai...like kinemon usees fire style this guy uses gravity style with his sword...thats the reason he used his sword for that attack...sooo maybe he doesnt have a devil fruit or maybe the sword at the DF...what do you say?
    16. SwagAssassin
      Maybe you are right...we will just have to wait...
      And I actually like your idea about Bonney becoming a shichi...but honestly I want someone more like Sabo :D
    17. SwagAssassin
      Yea he was sucked into something...well that doesnt mean he died...

      It was much better than I expected :D I liked how they send each other messages haha...and it seems as if tobirama and izuna know each other...Also their dads know each other...maybe their dads were like hashirama and madara...like they were friends but then the adults changed them...and its on break next week :(

      Yup a nice chapter overall...
      Its a town of toys...not really puppets cuz it seems like they got their own personality like humans...and i spotted a family of toys too...mom, dad and kid...so this could be one of the new races Oda was talking about :D
      That old man is fucking sickk! Looks like he has gravity DF...been waiting for that one fore ages :P
      He might be Fujitora, 7th Schichibukai or maybe one of Roger's ex crew members :D This are like the only possible scenarios I can think of right now...
    18. SwagAssassin
      Dude that is fucking insane! I think you should go with the one you selected...that is BEAST! :D

      One Piece
      Well Idk how I think of this but some of them I get them in dreams...or before sleeping LOL Or in the shower (Dont tell anyone :D)

      Yup Drake, Capone and Urogue werent shown...
      Capone died? And wait Imma reply on fb
    19. SwagAssassin
      They are not gonna leave Caesar at Deressora's port...they are gonna leave him at Green Bit's port :P

      I think Law already knows a lot so I expect them to divide in two to three groups and continue towards the Colessium...One group searches for SAD while on enters the colessium and the other can inspect the kingdom...that way they can be sure of any possibilities :D Also, I think there is gonna be like a battle royale towards the end...people fight each other and the guy who wins in the end gets the Mera Mera No mi...that would be sickk...Also, I am thinking that the SAD factory is hidden under the colessium and thats why no one found it yet...and there is also a possibility that Capone himself could be the factory...Capone is one of the two supoernovas we havent seen yet so DD might have him in his crew and with his devil fruit...Capone can actually put the whole factory in his body :D What do you think?
    20. SwagAssassin
      The logo is insane!

      One Piece
      Yup Luffy is a shichi slayer :P
      Maybe Fujitora might be a vice admiral but no matter what its gonna be epic...You know what would be epic...if DD, Luffy and Law make an alliance to take down Kidou! Damn!! What do you think?
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    New Delhi , India
    College Student
    Favorite Manga/Anime:
    The Big 3 and Fairy tail
    I am a martial artist , only a beginner tho .
    I like to write quotes ...
    check em out if u want :
    i also like playing guitar....
    thats about it ...

    Karate , Music , Manga .