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Apr 9, 2014
Sep 2, 2012
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Jonas was last seen:
Apr 9, 2014
    1. Sin
    2. Doskoi Panda
      Doskoi Panda
      Pretty good. You?
    3. Doskoi Panda
    4. Kari
      I've seen both Sum 41 and Blink 182 live and they are awesome!

      I don't like the series in general.
    5. Prince
      Well... Nice to meet you too, I guess.
    6. Kari
      Its in the UK.

      Only rap I like is Eminem. Apart from that I love my rock music like Blink 182, NOFX, The Offspring, Less Than Jake, Sum 41 etc etc..
      I used to play the fifa games when I was younger with my brother. However I have preferred playing the NHL games.
      I'm not a fan of Naruto or Bleach..
    7. Kari
      North Devon which isn't the hottest place but the surf is good.

      What type of music are you into? I like the ps3 as well though I mostly play NHL. Used to play Call of Duty a lot though and GTA.
    8. Kari
      Urm.. Well I'm Irish, I have a fiancee and 2 young daughters (as you already know) I play Ice Hockey and I love to surf. Apart from this I also love anime and Japanese culture.
    9. Demon Queen
      Demon Queen
      in short you have no real idea?
    10. Kari
      Its amazing :sugoi:

      Haha that's a really normal feeling to have over a kid. You love them but at the same time they can be so tiring at times..
    11. Kari
      I was pretty nervous however I've got 2 happy little girls and my eldest is a proper Daddy's girl who is always wanting to be with me. Shes also just started school and her teacher says that shes a very friendly and intelligent little girl. So me and my fiancee are doing a good job.
      It has been hard at times though with the restless nights, the girls getting sick and teaching them stuff like how to use the toilet etc.
    12. Kari
      I'm 22 :33 though I was 18 when I had my eldest and my fiancee was 16 when she pregnant with our second daughter.
    13. Doskoi Panda
    14. Backup Loli
      Backup Loli
    15. Kari
      I'm a father to 2 beautiful little girls :33
    16. Xen
      I just wanted to let you know we have not forgot you. :)
    17. Demon Queen
      Demon Queen
      I'm late to reply but I was facing some technical difficulties so it couldn't be helped.
      either way; how do you take advantage of ppl then?
    18. Kari
    19. Stranger
      I get your anger, your frustration... It's disgusting and confusing as to why your friends would behave like this... that said;

      Yes I did mean you should move on... if you are gonna talk with them now, the only possible outcome is that you are probably get more frustrated, resulting in a mess that will only get worse...
      Try not to give them attention, divert it to other stuff... Just talk with people on the internet or something about completely unrelated stuff... take your time, relax... Don't let the frustration get the best of you...
    20. Jelly Bean
      Jelly Bean
      Ish heard of them ;///w///; Me want recommendation from them? :33
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