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Doskoi Panda
Last Activity:
Oct 18, 2016
Jun 22, 2012
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Sep 3, 1996 (Age: 21)
Palm Compton

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Doskoi Panda

<span style="font: 16px Comic Sans MS; color: #DDA, 21, from Palm Compton

Doskoi Panda was last seen:
Oct 18, 2016
    1. Bob
      Oh Butts. Happy birthday! Too lazy to make a thread... Made a lot, but i noticed!
    2. Koon Aguero Agnis
      Koon Aguero Agnis
      The E.N.D is near.:cab:
    3. Sutātenken
      Well hell now, I seem to be getting a lot of that, Why did you drop it?
    4. Sutātenken
      Not much, Your a Magi fan right? I just watched the anime finally and like to start the manga you know if I can start after the anime's events or not and where to start if that is the case?
    5. Sutātenken
    6. Blue
      Merry xmas doskoi panda !!
    7. Chibi Phantom RoggianX
      Chibi Phantom RoggianX
      Wonderful! Hope you had a good birthday by the way~
    8. Chibi Phantom RoggianX
      Chibi Phantom RoggianX
      Because a post in the happy birthday thread isn't enough~

    9. Chibi Phantom RoggianX
      Chibi Phantom RoggianX
      Would you look at that! One more day :33...
    10. Chibi Phantom RoggianX
      Chibi Phantom RoggianX
      The standard "life has its ups and downs..."
      Nothing worth mentioning in terms of what's actually happened. Well, other than finally graduating high school and now in college. That being said, my ambitions are as high as ever... hopefully going to get a drawing tablet within a few more weeks. Need to practice digital drawing soon... until then, just sticking with paper and pencil. In fact, just bought a finer mechanical pencil cause 0.9 mm is way to thick for some things :<...

      If you ignore the writing, you can't tell if it's upside down or not without knowing the character... I mean, when I took a look at it first, I thought it was right until I looked at the writing XD...

      And really... I've been here... just not going out of my clan thread. But yeah, you'll be seeing more of me. For better or for worse~
    11. Chibi Phantom RoggianX
      Chibi Phantom RoggianX
      Great. You know it took me a while to notice that you were my lovable Panda~
      Partially cause I keep going on/off on OC and that these days, I rarely interact with others outside of my clan. That being said, planning on changing that and first step is to visit everyone I remember... > u <...

      Also, nice alien... thing... in the TAoTF... I don't remember you being an artist :V...
    12. Chibi Phantom RoggianX
      Chibi Phantom RoggianX
      Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.... another person I should have said hi to a while back.

      Are you still the same panda that I remember? O 3 O...
    13. Schnarf
      when is your next album coming out frank :maybe:
    14. Uchiha
      yes,i know.i saw it the first day i made this account.i was thinking of either asking you first,then if you said no then i would post a pic of her that you posted there, to surprise you,or i could just randomly post her post here ti surprise you.i should of done the latter cause surprisingly you remember that you posted the pic.

      anyway,she looks pretty cool,i like her hair
    15. Uchiha
      cool again? i don't remember her ever being cool.


      she was good at the begining of part 2 Vs Sasori.

      also can you upload a pic of her.i wonder if she's hot.
    16. Uchiha
      i used a phone to make this account,i'll use a computer to make another.

      i think it's better if you don't remember "the incident".

      Deos she still read manga? and if you two are anything alike then i would assume that she's forgotten about the site.lol.
    17. Uchiha
      I'm going to use another email.

      By the way,what happened to your sister.she never came back to mangaspoiler after "that incident" .i she banned from the internet until she moves out or something?
    18. Uchiha
    19. Uchiha
      I looked at Kingdom for 2 seconds.didn't like the Art so i closed the tab.

      How good is it?

      And how do i change my name?
    20. Uchiha
      By the way,how do i post a pic?
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  • About

    Sep 3, 1996 (Age: 21)
    Palm Compton
    Favorite Manga/Anime:
    Fairy Tail and Berserk
    Running, Reading, Music, Sports, and shtuff


    This unrequited love, to me it’s nothing but a one man cult...
    Clan Tag ♪​