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Aug 15, 2017
Jun 9, 2012
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October 14
circus - limbo

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JELLYFISH, from circus - limbo

Chef was last seen:
Aug 15, 2017
    1. Demonic Predecessor
      Demonic Predecessor
      Happy birthday chef
    2. Kafka
      Hi, I am Doge. I have come to bless you for Christmas.
    3. Lavi
      I've seen you posting in the literature section and I like to get to know people who frequent my sections. Hellur Chef :33
    4. Kafka
      Also Chef, why is it that we both haven't spoken to each other so much.
    5. Kafka
      Chef, you've stoked my curiosity. Might as well tell me what you'd in mind or I will hound your soul. :lmao:
    6. Kafka
      Mmmm, not really :p Are you asking me seriously or am I missing out on some back handed joke? xD
    7. Kafka
      O-o-o...Obito sama? But you died. Kishi killed you so many times.

    8. Bob
      It's alllll gooooood. It's just nice to know someone has watched a fair amount of the movies too. All good man, all good.
    9. Bob
      The one you were thinking of with JJ is G vs Megalon.

      And thanks for saying which ones you like... Even if I don't like them, the Heisei and Millenium Eigas are my jam.

      And don't give me that face Chef... I'll poke your eyes.
    10. Bob
      Right on all points, except the MUTOs, they were cool.

      But the thing is, most those cons... Are staples of a GOOD Godzilla movie, take my word as a guy who has seen a lot of Godzilla movies. Those are par for the course.

      A lot of the hate has been from people severely misinformed about what a Godzilla movie is. People can not like it, that's fine by me, but saying it is radically different or NOT a Godzilla movie is just... Well, not right in any respect.

      But thanks for giving me stuff back, and trust me, this was almost Godzilla Movie By the Numbers, it was that lose to the traditional formula.
    11. Bob
      Godzilla - This is not Godzilla.
      May I ask you to elaborate?
    12. №ℕȺMƎ
      Hey Chef, can you tell me roughly when will you be able to host your first round here?
    13. Kafka
      Not continuously. I will ask someone else to host it after you're finished. Dada said you're hosting a round on another forum at the moment, so its not urgent at the moment. I will speak to Mari as well.
    14. Kafka
      Chef. Would you be interested in hosting a mafia round? Alek has some issues to deal with and he will be back by mid July. Until then, I want that section to stay active.

      Let me know your opinion and we can plan this. Also, is there anyone else besides you who is good at hosting Mafia rounds? Probably we can have that member host the round after you're done.
    15. I Killed Everyone
      I Killed Everyone
      Hey there! I saw you on my profile so I thought I'd say good day! :blush:

      What's doin'?
    16. Twelve
    17. Serrasyndel
      Doubtful, but good try.
    18. dada chi
      dada chi
      I thought the game was pretty awesome

      just sayin'
    19. God Slayer
      God Slayer
      Did you get my pm .-.
    20. Killer Bee
      Killer Bee
      I haven't had a chance to read much at all lately. I actually stopped reading The Wheel of Time because of it. :lesigh

      And I did try Rome. But my provider won't let me watch on the channel, something about locked privileges. I'm gonna have to access the episodes through a site like primewire (seven shows are loading up episodes as we speak so weird timing you have there xD). Which sucks because I want to watch at high quality. lol

      And how have you been?
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    circus - limbo
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